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Our mission is to empower everyone around the world by bringing blockchain transactions into everyday life. TATTI currency makes it possible to engage in direct dumpings quickly, efficiently and privately. With TATTI,  individuals have flexible options for finding suitable places to give away the "gold". With the flip of a switch, we offer helpful integrations and tools that enable them to handle large scale transactions (Every living being knows the importance of this).


Why do we need TATTI

Lets begin by asking a question to ourselves: What is the real Cryptocurrency adoption?  Cryptocurrency adoption with trading bots has been on the rise in recent years. By using trading bots, investors can take advantage of cryptocurrency markets 24/7 and execute trades more efficiently. Insidebitcoins explains how AI trading works and provides valuable insights and information on maximizing your profits. This is hard to calculate but let's try to elaborate a bit:

Target population:

World population (7.5 billion) is the maximum physical limit. It would be nice if all of them were Crypto users but it's not possible for multiple reasons.
The gap between the crypto-haves and crypto-have-nots is vast. Less than 1% of the global population actually owns cryptocurrencies— and yet there are 3.8 billion people with access to the internet and 5 billion people with bank accounts who could hugely benefit from this technology.
If we consider people between the age of 14 - 65 as cryptocurrency adopters. We get 57% of population & it makes around 2.1 billion people.
Now these 2.1 billion people may use cryptocurrency or not but one thing they do for sure. That is the act of excretion which in south asia is known as TATTI. A lot of people don't know anything about blockchain! All they care about is to find a location nearby to release their blocks! If you have read so far you know what it's all about. So, this idea is to write crap here and have fun. Just planning to have more & more people contribute to this to make it a nice joke project while the market is bleeding red. Dont even want to loginto any exchange right now. This project is fun!
So, the motive of TATTI is to spread the blockchain word across the parts of asia. To the people who really should start coming into crypto! The fun element in it will bring them in, or atleast spread the awareness. We will create such fear of missing out that by mocking all the other TattiCoins (a category lower than Shitcoins).
Tweet to me @tatticoin if you have suggestions to improve this project.

What is Tatti?

I have become so overwhelmed by the amount of ICOs dropping these days, I decided to give it a week and just do my own fun ICO. Whatever FUD/FOMO that happend in the last 3 months has been crazy & for some people it's just too hard to handle! Specially the ones that dont read anything about a project & keep asking around.. which one for Lambo?

On the other hand, Let's be honest here! `No matter the white papers, the promises, well designed websites and board of advisors - no crypto is worth shit until YOU buy it.

The story is always the same, you get a bunch of guys tell you their coin will make you millions, when in fact you spend your hard earned money on sth that has no value, & wont have value unless people like you go for it.

Lets call it what it is, and what it is TATTI

Now TATTI is basically a slang for Shit in south Asia! I thought it would be great to create a new category of coins, the worst ones to be known as TATTICOINS. This coin will basically exist to show people what time blockchain & innovation went through. The time will not come back & fun is good & healthy.

The goal here is simple: having a giggle every once in a while, when the whole world talks about Tatti. 

You may ask what plans do I have for the money ill make here. Well, I don't have very high hopes for this project.  Ill be happy if it fetches enough to get some groceries!

What ever half hearted work I have given to this writing I do feel that this does have a slight potential to spread like a wildfire because of the FOMOS I will try and create! You see, the Videos are more important then code now! In my dream I would like to have a giggle, seeing Tatti between Bcash and XVG.


Guys please tweet to @tatticoin if you think I should add something here. Going to sleep.